Best WordPress Hosting for 2020

The best place to start with WordPress hosting is This is the commercial side to the WordPress project. It offers hosting which is quick and easy to get started with. It also offers a free WordPress hosting tier, and paid plans start at £3 per month, which allows you to use a custom domain.

The downside is that it costs £20 per month to use custom themes or plugins, and so is much more limited up to this point.


Our favorite WordPress hosting is IONOS. It starts from £1 for the first year, and then £4 per month from there. This includes a domain and SSL certificate. It gives you a full, unrestricted WordPress environment, and is very easy to get started with.

WP Engine

WP Engine is a much more pricey option for WordPress hosting, starting at £20 per month. However, like IONOS, it gives you a standard WordPress environment, allowing you full creative control.

123-Reg WordPress Hosting

Most web hosts will offer a WordPress hosting option. In this instance, we are including 123-Reg’s WordPress Hosting, which starts at £7.99 per month. This is one of the more expensive options, and doesn’t provide any extras, such as SSL certificates, for this price.

Best Website Builders in 2020


WordPress is the market leader in website building. It’s flexible, and has thousands of plugins and themes available, some for free, and some are paid. You can install it on most web hosting packages, and quite a few hosts offer WordPress-specific hosting.

It’s one of the more technical options for a website builder in this review, although is fairly simple to pick up and get used to. Once you’ve got your web hosting sorted, WordPress is a free tool.


Wix is a much easier website builder to get started with. It allows you to create a basic website with very little technical knowledge needed. It also has several hundred themes available for your website, although is more limited in terms of customisation than something like WordPress.

In order to get a website set up with a custom domain, Wix costs £3 per month. To remove Wix adverts, it costs £6 per month.


SquareSpace is designed for more creative users. The themes are very well crafted, and create a professional website. It’s also a straightforward tool to use.

SquareSpace starts from £10 per month, so is the most expensive option so far.

123-Reg Website Builder

Quite a few web hosts offer their own website builder tools. In this case, we are looking at 123-Reg’s website builder tool. This is the most affordable of the options in this article, and starts at £2.50 per month, although it’s the most basic of all the tools available on this page. It also costs £5 per month to hide 123-Reg branding from your website.

Best online logo design tools for 2020

When you’re starting a business, it’s important that you have a logo which accurately represents your brand. It can be tempting to put a logo together in Word or Paint, but you’ll give your business a much more professional appearance if you use a tool or designer to help you create your logo.


Our first suggestion is Fiverr. Fiverr is a marketplace for creative and technical services at affordable prices. You can find logo design for as little as USD$5. With thousands of designers available, you’ll not be short of inspiration!

Wix Logo Maker

Another tool you can use is the Wix Logo Maker. This is a do-it-yourself approach to logo design, and so gives you complete creative control with helpful templates and imagery which you can use to bring your logo to life.


We’ve mentioned it before in our article about finding the perfect domain name, but BrandBucket not only helps you find a great domain name, it also provides logos which you are able to use for any domains that you buy. These provide you with inspiration when looking for a perfect brand name.

Tools to help you find the perfect domain name

Finding the right domain name for your business or venture can be difficult. It can be disheartening to go to GoDaddy and type in a domain name, only to see that it has already been registered.

Fortunately, there are a few tools out there which help you to find great domain names, and great business names, with very little effort! Here are a few of our favorites:


One of our favourites is Domainr. This tool lets you type in a domain, and will make creative suggestions using alternative Top Level Domains (TLDs). For example, if you type in “something”, then it gives you options such as,, as well as more common TLDs such as .com, .net, .io and .app.


Up next, we’ve got Panabee. This service allows you to enter a couple of words, and it provides smart suggestions based on your keywords. This tool mainly looks at available .com TLDs, but can also be used to search for other TLDs. It also makes use of a dictionary so that you can find domains with similar words when the ideal choice is not available.


Another tool which is helpful when trying to name a website or app is BrandBucket. This tool looks at available domain names (although these are often registered domains which are for sale rather than available domains), and even suggests logos to help inspire your choice.

Best Password Managers for 2020

Password managers are helpful tools to help keep you safe online. Rather than having to remember passwords for all your different websites and apps, password managers save all the password for you securely. In most cases, you can simply unlock the app using a single password or your bio-metric fingerprint sensor on your phone to securely access all your saved passwords.

This article shows you the best password managers for 2020, to help you choose the best tool for you. We will be reviewing the following password managers:

  • Dashlane
  • LastPass
  • 1Password
  • NordPass

All of these are available on Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.


Dashlane is a straightforward password manager which allows you to store up to 50 passwords for free on a single device. If you’d like to store more or sync the passwords between devices, then the pricing is around USD$40 per year. In addition, it also provides security alerts to let you know if a service you use has been hacked, so you can quickly change your password.


LastPass again allows you to store and manage your passwords from any device. The free tier is more generous than Dashlane, as it is not capped, and the premium tier is USD$36 per year.


Unlike the previous options, 1Password does not have a free tier available. It costs around USD$36 per year, which includes all the cloud-storage, including 1GB of secure document storage.


Like Dashlane, NordPass allows you free access on a single device. However, if you wish to access your passwords on other devices, the premium tier costs around USD$30. This allows you to use the app on up to six devices.

Ultimately, which password manager is best for you depends on personal preference. If you want to make the most of free tiers then a tool like LastPass may be a better choice for you. However, if you’d like security monitoring then a tool like Dashlane may be more convenient.